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The Commitment to Quality, Professionalism and Customer Satisfaction Is the Key

For nearly three decades, Frankel Estate Homes has been one of Palm Beach County’s most respected custom home builders. We operate exactly on the principles on which the company was initially founded; honesty, integrity, passion and expert execution. It is this commitment to excellence and the importance placed on the client/builder relationship that will continue to guarantee Frankel Estate Homes’ success now and in the future. "This personalized service ensures that you get the home of your dreams." When undertaking a new project, Frankel assembles a team of designers, architects and landscape experts to produce plans in the specific design vernacular representative of the client’s wishes. With this team approach we ensure that the home’s design, aesthetics and functionality are maximized. Each individual brings their strength and creativity and blends it with the team so that the sum of everyone’s efforts is far greater than its parts. Once the design work is complete, we use the team approach of building to successfully construct each project. Frankel uses its team of supervisors, project managers and office support to create a systematic program that expertly deals with each aspect of construction from the macro-management to the daily micro-management to ensure efficiency at every level of the process. With this approach, Frankel guarantees that they will turn their customers’ dreams into a reality. A Frankel customer demands an up-close-and-personal home building experience and wants to be carefully guided through each step of the entire process. This is the type of client that we at Frankel Homes have designed our business around. Making every home unique is of paramount importance. We take the time to really get to know each client and understand what makes each of them unique. We design and build each home to reflect the clients’ distinctive tastes and lifestyles while maintaining the highest standards of job execution and quality. In the end, when the projects come together, we take pride in what has been accomplished — something original and beautiful.